What to Expect

As we are all beautifully unique, so is each course of action for my clients. You can expect us to discuss your individual concerns around food and body in a comprehensive manner. This may include your past history along with where you may be currently struggling. I see your personal struggles as opportunities for growth, and I am fully committed to helping you reach your goals. It is my honor to be your guide on this journey.

We will start out with an initial, 30 minute free consultation over the phone.  This will be a time to discuss the areas that you would like to focus on ( examples:  binge eating, over eating, chronic dieting, etc), as well as a time to get to know one another and see if we make a good match!

From there, we will tailor a plan for our work together, and schedule our first session.

Sessions are 50 minutes long with the exception of the initial meeting which is typically 90 minutes. We will start implementing nutritional strategies tailored to your individual needs by the end of the first session.

I work over the phone, or if applicable, in person.

Please call or email me for your FREE consultation!  I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you to start implementing new, effective strategies that will help you to start loving your body and feeling happy being YOU!

Call when you are ready to make that change!



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