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Wondering how the hell you can live a life without alcohol or drugs?  I can help.  I never thought it would be possible for me to live without booze.  Me, the party girl, go to a party and NOT have a drink?  Impossible!  It was so ingrained in my lifestyle--hell, I built my life around drinking--that I couldn't imagine ever existing without it. 


How would I be comfortable in my own skin? What would my friends say? Who I would I be without Budweiser (or Chardonnay, or tequila...or all of the one sitting LOL!) I can joke about it now, but these thoughts kept me drinking for YEARS. I thought booze was my only way to connect to myself and others.  I would think about going to a party and not drinking and the thought would make me go on a bender.  I was an anxious mess.


It wasn't until I wanted to stop and couldn't--booze had a power over me that I no longer could control-- that I knew I needed help.  


In my opinion, there is a difference between sobriety and recovery.  People can stay sober yet still not explore their lives with enough depth that they change their behavior.  The only thing that has changed is that they stopped drinking or using.


  In recovery, a person is actively working toward becoming their best self.  This process takes dedication, willingness of self-reflection, and an open heart.  With years of personal experience, a vibrant life in recovery, and a Certification in Recovery Coaching, I can support you in discovering the Life that you are meant to live.  I believe that there are many pathways to recovery, and will help you find the one that feels right for you. Recovery is possible.