We all need to find a way of moving our bodies that feels good!  None of this punishing exercise stuff...our bodies are meant to move frequently, so finding a pleasurable way to do this is KEY to sustaining a fitness routine.  Exercise is SO underrated as a way to help manage your mood.  I move my body everyday in order to keep my body healthy, and to keep me from going insaaaaane!  The exercise at the top of my list these days is Buti Yoga!  It is all about embracing who you are and the body that you have RIGHT NOW.  However, I also love to dance, walk, hike, swim and bike! If you are local, then come join me at a class.  These are the times and places that I teach:

Buti Yoga:

Thursdays:  5:30pm Studio Zenith, Montpelier VT

Wednesdays 12:00pm Wellspace, Barre, VT

Every other Monday 5:30pm(call for details) at The Turning Point Center, Barre, VT *for women addicts in recovery only 



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