Hi, I'm Melissa! 

I'm really good at helping people discover who they are, and where they want to go in Life!  

Whether you are struggling with your relationship with food, or you are in the depths of addiction--or both--I am here to share with you not only how to end my toxic relationship with food, body and substances, but to truly THRIVE.  I never thought I would live a life that is this joyous and free!  It's my mission to help you find your way back to YOU.  Everybody has a different story, so I will help to tailor a plan that is custom-made for you to follow during our time together.  It is my goal to give you what you need in the shortest time possible! 

Do you feel lost or stuck? Have you struggled to love your body? Do you see food and appetite as the enemy? Does the thought of giving up alcohol send you into a panic? Do you wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because you drank? Do you lie about how much you have consumed of either food or substances or both? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

I am dedicated to helping you get make peace with where you are at, so you can move on to where you want to go!  At our first initial meeting, we will take a holistic look at all areas of your life--family, work, relationships, spirituality, nutrition, and more-- in order to get a full picture of what you are dealing with, so we can move forward.  We will only spend a little time digging into the past, as I believe the here and now is the most happenin' and successful place to work. Onward and upward!

I work with my clients over the phone, using Skype or FaceTime, or in person!  


Today, I am a lover of moments, and am grateful that my recovery has taught me to tune into the beauty of Life around me.   l am a fierce-loving mama of 3 incredible beings.  I'm a dancer, a yogi, and I love to burp really loud.  And, obviously laughing is high on my list of priorities!  I feel deeply, and allow others to do the same. You'll never see me wearing beige.  My recovery comes above all else, and I love witnessing people's transformations from dark to light.  My last meal on Earth would be a toasted peanut butter and jelly, and I make sure to eat one daily. I am someone who will moonwalk across a main intersection, dance in the grocery aisles, or wear a ridiculous wig to an exercise class. Random people tell me their life stories.  I listen with my entire body, and provide my clients with great ease.  Coffee is my best friend! I read at least 3 books at a time, and constantly need to be learning (currently, my focus is speaking Italian).  Foot massages are my Kryptonite.  Meditation has taught me who I am.  I live in a Shangri-La type of community in Vermont, and would wither without the experience of all four seasons.  I love doing things that make me feel like a kid:  chewing gum and blowing bubbles, jumping into water from high places, having food fights, sledding, biking without a helmet (just short rides!), and making silly faces in the mirror...I have learned that this Life is precious, and I am going to enjoy it with gusto!  




Client Reviews

I have spent years of my life in counseling regarding body image issues and have never experiences the progress that I have in just a few sessions with Melissa. I feel like I have made incredible and lasting changes through the help of her skilled and compassionate coaching. I really feel like I was able to transcend years of body image struggle, self hate, and negative dieting patterns through the work we did together. She has an incredible gift and has helped me in such a deep and healing way!
— KW
I had my first consultation with Melissa and found her approach to the topics of food and body acceptance to be unique and compassionate. Most of the session was structured by thoughtful and thought provoking questions. She offered feedback and asked rhetorical questions that helped me to learn to help myself. Speaking only for myself, as a woman in this culture, these issues of food choices and body love can be difficult to navigate in a complex landscape of inner and outer cues.
— RL
It has been quite a journey working with Melissa. She is very easy to talk to. I found out things about myself that I never expected to! I have lost weight, and I have gained a loving perspective of myself that I never thought possible. I am very grateful for our time together.
— BS
When deciding to meet with Melissa, I was prepared for her to discuss the Food Pyramid, portion control and caloric intake–most of which I thought I already had a pretty good understanding of. Melissa and I have never discussed any of those mundane topics. Instead Melissa guided me to delve into my aversion to thinking about meal planning and preparation as a result of growing up tormented by my mother’s total preoccupation with food, her using food as a control tactic, and food being my mother’s only way to be in relationship with me.

Melissa has helped me realize that I am worthy of finding pleasure in food and that planning for that pleasure is not self-indulgent, but respectful of myself and deserved. With Melissa’s help I now take time to plan meals and enjoy food. I am truly amazed at how astute Melissa is and how quickly she was able to determine exactly what was needed for me to feel good about myself and my body.

I am confident she will do the same for you, and highly recommend anyone dealing with food, eating or body image concerns seek out her assistance.
— JS